Ski Vacation Packages - 2018

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Trip Cancellation and Travel Insurance

Need Trip Cancellation or Medical Coverage for your ski vacation? 
Click on the following link to obtain a quote from RBC Insurance:

Please note RBC Insurance is an independent provider of Insurance solutions and is not in any way affiliated with the VanWart Ski Groups Ltd.  nor are we compensated for this recommendation.  This link is provided as a complimentary service only for the convenience of members of the Van Wart Ski Groups Ltd. who may not have an alternative insurance provider.

These are the Canadian Spring Break Weeks with indicative pricing:

Please click on the link below for the resort of your choice to see if your location and unit type is available.  If it is, then simply include it when you prebook below.   If you are not sure, simply submit your booking and we will contact you.

If you do not see the unit you would like, complete the prebooking and as we have done for over 27 years, we will make a recommendation to help you finalize your vacation.
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