In 2016 the Van Wart family launched the Van Wart Young Artists Fund in Nova Scotia.  With a private family pledge of $50,000, we will be providing grants to young up and coming performers to participate in existing and new productions throughout the Maritime provinces. 

The Young Artists Fund was established to provide financial grants to support young artists.  We will be auditioning young performers across all three Maritime Provinces to perform in stage productions in major centres in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.  Proceeds from our productions will be directed to charities in these communities.

In December, 2015 the Young Artists Fund provided grants to young performers in The Advent Show, a major stage production at the Spatz Theatre in Halifax, NS.  During that production, a record net proceeds of $30,000 were donated to three charities:

Grace Street Mission   Ark Outreach   The Daily Bread Outreach

During the summer of 2016, the Van Wart Young Artists Fund supported young performers in Stan Rogers:  A Matter of Heart performed in PEI.  In October, 2016, the Fund supported a unique production of A Touch of Classical" in Halifax. 

We are currently developing a new concept production - Success with Grace - that will be staged at the the Spatz Theatre in Halifax.  Auditions are now being accepted.  Full details including the nature of the production, dates and other information will be provided to successful performers.

To audition for this and other upcoming productions, members of are being encouuraged to submit samples of your work.  Our criteria is pretty straightforward as noted below. 

We look forward to hearing from you!
Van Wart Young Artists Fund

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27th Season 2018
Van Wart Young Artists Fund Auditions

We know there is a wealth of talent amongst our families.  We already received videos when our Fund was first launched.

We recommend sending a sample of your talent via email with a link to YouTube.  Here are some guidelines to help you get started on your video::

  • If you have a "talent", prepare a video, upload it to YouTube or some other site where you can send a link to Van  As long as our judges are able to access your link, your submission will qualify for review. 
  • Facebook and private social media sites such as LInkedIn where you need to "like" or sponsor someone will not qualify since not everyone is on Facebook or wishes to be a member of one of these sites.  YouTube or a link to another public domain site is the preferred way to upload your videos
  • There are no limitations or specific definitions for "talent".  We will be looking for dancers, singers, comedians, actors, magicians, choirs, bands, people who can play a musical instrument.  If you have a talent - send in an audition example of what you do.. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Can you sing? 
  • Can you dance?
  • Do you play a musical instrument?
  • Do you "play "a broom, hockey stick, row of tin cans, glasses, bells...!
  • Can you recite poetry really well?
  • Can you skip a rope - is it unique?
  • What about a ball - any ball?  Can you bounce it in a funny / unique way?
  • Do you play sports well?  Do you have a unique way of playing?
  • Do you play sports badly?  Would it make a fun video to watch?
  • Get a team of any kind together.  We're sure you'll get an idea.
  • Talk to your friends, your parents, your kids, your co-workers for ideas
  • Are you a practical joker.  Can you make folks laugh at what you do?
  • Can you act?  Maybe there is a part of a play you can perform.
  • Are you athletic?  Can you do cartwheels or gymnastics?
  • Can you lyp sync?
  • Do you look like someone famous and maybe even act like them?
  • Are you good with a camera?  Pick your best and do a video montage
  • Do you have a video already?  That works!
  • As we think up new ideas, we'll post them here.

Now for some preliminary guidelines:

  • Videos should be at least 1 minute and no longer than 3 minutes
  • Your submission must be family friendly.  A few things to remember:
  • No drug or alcohol promotion
  • Product placement is fine as long as it's approved by our preliminary screeners
  • No foul or inappropriate language
  • No picking on others of any class, group, well, you know what we mean 
  • Nothing that would embarass or insult any individual or group
  • Keep it fun and friendly to everyone and something anyone can watch and enjoy
  • You must not embarass anyone.
  • Everyone in the video must agree to have it made public
  • may use the video to promote our productions
  • We will not use your video unless you are accepted for one of our prooductions
  • Your video will not be used until you review and accept our guidelines
  • Your video will remain your property at all times
  • An independent panel will assess submissions.
  • If your video is selected for a face to face audition, you will be notified
  • We will notify all applicants who are not selected
  • If you are selected we may use your video for marketing and promotions
  • If you qualify and perform in one of our productions, you mayl be awarded a performing arts grant from the Van Wart Young Artists Fund.  Grants are established on an individual basis based on performance demands, age, experience and status as a performer (ie up and coming amateur performer or as a professional coverered under ACTRA Maritimes)