What it means to be part of the VanWart Ski Vacations

  • As a member, you personally represent your family and every other member of VanWart Ski Vacations.

  • How you interact with other guests, hotel attendants, suppliers, and non-members reflects on everyone else.

  • If you shout at our front desk folks because they cannot get you into your unit right away, it reflects on everyone.  Be understanding.  We want you in your unit as soon as possible.  Owners may still be in your unit, housekeeping may not have been in that area yet or there may be maintenance needs.

  • At check in, if you slow down the process by trying to change your unit, it delays all our other guests.

  • If your plans change for Bangor, Farmington or St. Johnsbury and you don't cancel with our suppliers, you may be keeping another family from getting a room.  The hotel loses booking revenues if you don't advise them.  That reflects on all of us.

  • If you drink, smoke (legal or otherwise), and are rowdy at poolside, that reflects on everyone.

  • If you are here with other families close to your suite, please do not leave your children unattended in your unit without an adult present at all times.  There are appliances, sharp utensils and many ways youngsters can be injured. 

  • It only takes one electric burner and a dishcloth to start a fire.  Think about what it would be like if the building caught on fire because you were in another unit.  Think how you would feel if it was your unit that caused a fire or other catastrophe and there were injuries ...even worse...loss of life.  And it was caused by your family.  These things can happen. 

  • Please respect other guests by having your families manage the noise that comes with family gatherings in one or two units.

  • If you party in your condo or hotel room, leave your children unattended and disturb the other guests, that ruins their vacation and your behaviour reflects on everyone else.

  • Quiet time at all condos and hotel accommodations is 10:00 pm.  We have requested the resort schedule ongoing security checks of all floors of all buildings to ensure everyone, not only members of VanWart Ski Vacations, respects the firm 10:00 quiet time.  Signage is posted at some of our resorts for further clarification.

  • We have zero tolerance for bad behavior.  After our inquiries are satisfied, if reports confirm there has been inappropriate behavior, you will be asked to leave with no refunds and you will no longer be part of VanWart Ski Vacations.

  • These are just a few examples but you understand; everything you do reflects on everyone else.

  • It has taken 26 years to establish sound and reliable partnerships to bring every member of the VanWart Ski Vacations the best vacation experiences in both Canada and the US.  Please value and respect the partners who all want you to enjoy your vacation.

  • Your actions can continue to build on that exceptional reputation; your actions can also damage it.

  • The Van Wart Ski Vacations reserve the exclusive and unconditional right at all times to cancel participation.  We do not charge fees to be a member of our family vacations experiences.  We simply ask that you respect our other families and help us protect and strengthen our reputation.

  • The decision to ask you to leave as a member of Van Wart Ski Vactions and if necessary, to have you leave the resort is at the sole discretion of the President of VanWart Vacations, Bob Van Wart. 

  • Any complaints or poor behaviours are reported directly to Bob Van Wart.  If the resort and/or their security personnel escalate your behaviours to VanWart Ski Vacations, we will advise you and seek your version of the events.  If our investigation confirms the resorts' report of bad behaviour, noise or other actions have put our other guests at risk or compromised their quiet enjoyment of their accommodations at any time. VanWart Ski Vacations has and will request guests depart the next day and without exception, there are no refunds, compensation or any other considerations offered to guests that are asked to leave the resort in advance of their scheduled checkout. 

  • Your actions are your responsibility.  How you affect the vacations of all other guests is our responsibility.

  • At all times, the right to cancel participation rests solely with VanWart Ski Vacations.  You have been referred by another family and if you are asked to leave, that family will be notified as well that we have had to ask you to leave and we have cancelled your participation with our Vacation Experiences.

  • The situations where we have asked families to leave in advance of their scheduled checkout date has been extremely rare - only three times after thousands of vacation bookings over the past 25 years.  Nobody wants to be part of that minority.

  • This is a testament to the quality of our participating families, the trust you and others have in our managmeent of your vacation and the quality of the families that you are proud to recommend as new members through your family referrals.

  • You do not pay a membership fee to be part of VanWart Ski Vacations.  Your only obligation is to represent the foundations that make up the Van Wart Ski Brand;

  • Trustworthy
  • Responsible
  • Respectful
  • Professional
  • Reliable

  • Simply say to people that "I'm part of Van Wart Ski Vacations".  They know you're part of a Great Brand!

  • If people see you and your friends having a lot of laughs, a great time and experiencing the best family vacation ever, they will ask you "Are you with Bob the Ski Guy?"

And you'll be proud to say "Yes, we are!!"

We MAKE Winter!
Van Wart Ski Vacations
27th Season 2018