In 1992, Bob, Nancy and a few families wanted a quality ski vacation where we could be with our children, we could afford the price and we would be guaranteed snow.

We discovered and fell in love with ski resorts in Maine and started Van Wart Ski Groups.

From those humble beginnings, Van Wart Ski Vacations now provides world class ski vacations for familes throughout Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritime Provinces.

As Bob always put it "It doesn't matter if you're on Mars.  If you can get to Maine, I can get you skiing".

Families now enjoy ski vacations at Sugarloaf - we've discovered is the Best in the East!, Sunday River, and in Quebec, at Mont.Sainte-Anne, Stoneham and Le Massif.

If Mother Nature doesn't co-operate then....We MAKE winter!
About Van Wart Ski Vacations

We MAKE Winter!
Van Wart Ski Vacations
27th Season 2018